Limerick Generating Station Testing Siren on Monday

Residents living within 10 miles of Limerick will be able to hear the siren test. There is no cause for alarm, the company said.

Limerick Generating Station will conduct a full-sound siren test on Monday that will be audible to residents within a 10-mile radius.

The siren test will begin at 2 p.m. Monday, Exelon said.

The full-sound test is performed on the first Monday in June and December as part of Exelon’s comprehensive Emergency Preparedness program, the company said. 

If you have concerns about the siren test, you may contact county officials:
• Chester County: (610) 344-5000
• Montgomery County: (610) 631-6530

If you should hear the sirens outside of normal testing periods, please know that they are not a signal to evacuate, Exelon said. Rather, you should tune in to one of the Emergency Alert System radio or television stations for instructions.


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