Photo Location Revealed: Templeton House

Only the barn remains of the three buildings pictured.

Readers wasted no time nailing the correct location of last week's historical photo challenge. 

Nope, it's not the "This is women's lib" barn, as some guessed. Mike M was the first to answer, and he answered correctly:

I think it is the house and barn on king street headed west after 352 headed to the college, on the right hand side right before William Henry apts.

In fact, the two buildings no longer standing were torn down for an expansion of the William Henry Apartments in 1995, perhaps unnecessarily.

According to Tim Caban of the East Whiteland Historical Commission, who supplied the photo, the property was owned by William Templeton as late as 1883, according to an atlas published at that time, but it might be even older:

What's interesting is that there is a ream of testimony from the time where the owner of William Henry went on and on about how he had to tear down the house to build his apartments.  If you look close at the picture of the "back" you can see the clothes line/rack that is still standing if you drive by there today.  No apartments were ever built at the site of the house and they didn't tear down the barn or even the clothesline that stood so close to the house. 
Paula K February 14, 2013 at 01:16 AM
Was this the Siddall home in the 1960s-1980's? Alice Siddall grew up as a Miller's daughter and helped EW Historical Comm with the Gunkle Mill-she was a wealth of information! The log barn mentioned was just west of the Wm Henry Apts on the South side of King Rd. . It was in bad shape in the late seventies and later demolished by Immaculata. We've lost so many interesting structures--and likely will lose many more. Sad.
Susan February 14, 2013 at 02:01 AM
Thank you! This one had me stumped...and I do like the paint color on the barn. Now I know exactly where it is....and a bit more about local history.


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