West Chester Growers Market Preview

Here's a preview of the this week's growers market.

The following comes from the West Chester Growers Market Blog.

With Thanksgiving around the corner (I believe we are 5 weeks away?), start compiling your Market Grocery List. Almost every aspect of your meal can be purchased at the Market. Need some inspiration? Check out our Market Thanksgiving blog post from 2009 for ideas and recipes!  We'll be creating another Market Thanksgiving post with ideas and recipes, so stay tuned!

While we are not wishing time away from our Regular Season, we are working on our Winter Market schedule. Stay tuned for more info.

This week is our third installment of the  October Sweepstakes!  This week, the prize for this week is  a basket full of Fall Fruit!  Make sure to come to the Market this weekend to fill out an entry form for a chance to win.

We're still asking for YOUR apple recipes to share on the blog, newsletter and Facebook. So PLEASE email us (wcgrowersmarket.blog@gmail.com) and you might be our next featured recipe!

More to come in the next few weeks - so stay tuned!
Stay updated by checking out the Market Calendar here on the blog, as well as our Facebook Page.

Ellen April Handcrafted Soap
Ellen April will be at the market this week with their soaps and body products. Now that cooler weather is here, they'll be bringing whipped shea butter, calendula balm and sugar scrubs to soothe and smooth you. Also, their Pumpkin Spice soap is going fast. It makes a perfect seasonal hostess gift, so don't miss out on this once-a-year treat. 

London Vale Farm

Available this week:
Chinese Cabbage new this week!
Cauliflower (white and orange varieties)
Winter squash (many varieties to choose from!)
Radishes (regular & daikon varieties)
Cabbage (red & green varieties)
Bell peppers (red, orange & green varieties)
Beans (green & yellow varieties)
Potatoes (red & white varieties – available in half peck baskets too!),
Onions (red, yellow & white varieties)

Coming soon!
Romanesco – available next week
Brussels sprouts – available next week
Purple cauliflower – available next week
Grape tomatoes – approx. 2 weeks
Winter green mix - approx. 2 to 3 weeks
Red radishes – approx. 3 weeks
Large tomatoes – approx. 3 to 4 weeks
Spinach – approx. 3 to 4 weeks
Head lettuce – approx. 3 to 4 weeks

Northstar Orchard
This week, those fantastic Winecrisp apples (Ike's Pick of the Week last week) make their second appearance as Pick of the Week! Hey, they're THAT good, we just can't help it! Other varieties this week will include the last of the Sugar Snap and those awesome antiques, Golden Russet, amongst many other awesome varieties! Asian pears are still in abundance, as are fall veggies such as brassicas and carrots. 

The big, breaking news (and I know you've all been waiting for THIS) is that the great Gold Rush Rush of 2012 has begun! You can now stake your claim for a share of this year's crop of Gold Rush. We'll be delivering the Gold during the middle two weeks of November, and varietal cider will arrive on Saturday the 17th. Stake your claim here: http://northstarorchard.com/GoldRush.php

What's all the fuss about Gold Rush, you ask? If you don't know, just ask anyone shopping from us this coming Saturday and you'll get the lowdown about the best apples on the planet. (and we'll give you more info here in an upcoming email, once we start picking them and have them available for sale at the market)

Yellow Springs Farm Goat Cheese
We will two American Cheese Society( award- logo graphic attached as .jpg , if you would like to use it)  award-winning aged goat cheeses—Red Leaf and Fieldstone—plus an assortment of plain and flavored chevres—and everyone’s favorite Cinnamon Caramel Sauce for apples.

Lindenhof Farm

We are taking orders for fresh Thanksgiving turkeys! We will provide you with a paper order form or you can order online. Thanksgiving is only 5 weeks away. We have three sizes to choose from, small, medium or large. These are dressed and ready for your oven.  We also offer a heritage turkey, which is mainly dark meat with lots of rich flavor. As always we have fresh eggs, chicken or turkey pies, fresh chicken, fresh ground turkey and many more meat items to choose from.

Applied Climatology LLC:

This week’s featured perennial:
Heuchera ‘Delta Dawn’ (see photo)  This Heuchera was introduced by Terra Nova Nurseries in 2012. Delta Dawn features large, round leaves with red veins against a bold lime green background in the Summer.  In the Spring and Fall seasons, the centers of the leaves turn red with dark red veining & a have lime green edge. This variety has a strong and vigorous growth habit.  It typically grows 8” – 14” tall and 12” wide.  This perennial can be grown in part shade to full shade locations.  Small cream colored blooms are produced in the Summer. Heucheras are reportedly deer resistant.  Delta Dawn is great choice for adding a splash of color to your shade garden and will be available this weekend!

Our Fall clearance sale continues this weekend!
Some of our best bargains this week include:
$6 each – Aquilegia, Nepeta (catmint), Penstemon, Polemonium, Salvia & Siberian Iris ‘Polly Dodge’
$8 each –Daylilies, Geraniums, Hosta ‘London Fog’, Iris ‘Double Standard’, Iris ‘Golden Edge’ & Rudbeckia
$10 each –Coreopsis ‘Big Bang Redshift’, Ferns, Gaillardia ‘Dazzler, Hosta ‘June’ & Butterfly Bushes
$12 each –Double Knock Out Roses & Panicum ‘Shenandoah’ (ornamental grass)
$15 each – Calycanthus (Sweet Shrub), Cytisus 'Moonlight' (Scotch Broom), Echinacea ‘Pink Poodle’ & Hydrangea ‘Let’s Dance Starlight’


Other Vendors for this week include:
Stargazer's Vineyard
Blueberry Hill Farm
Golden Valley Farms

Red Earth Farm

Chile Spot

Fahnestock's Fruit Farm

Lizzie's Kitchen

Maple Hill Farm

Big Sky Bread Company

Elkdale Greenhouse

Oakshade Cheese

Queens Farms Windy Acres


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