What Businesses Are Coming to King Street?

The developer said he's in talks with several businesses, but can't be specific yet.

A reader emailed to ask:

Just curious. Any word of other restaurants or businesses going into the new East King Street project?  Inquiring minds (of local mothers) want to know.

Malvern Patch reached out to Eli Kahn, the developer behind the project, for an answer.

"There is a lot of interest, but nothing I can announce at this time," Kahn said. "There's a little market I’m talking to, a woman’s boutique, a coffee house. And there are a couple of additional restaurants."

All the prospects are independent businesses, not chains, Kahn said. The projected occupancy date being used in these discussions is late summer, 2013.

He also confirmed that The Whip Tavern, of Unionville, is still on King Street.

Jared June 28, 2012 at 04:49 PM
I do agree the police circle the flying pig but there are other problems with the pig as well. I could walk there but I'd rather drive somewhere that I know the food is always going to be good. Part of the new development will be outside of the borough and in Willistown Twp. Apparently the Whip Tavern doesn't see an issue with opening a location here.
Jackie June 28, 2012 at 07:19 PM
Here’s my $0.02 - I’ve lived in Malvern for 13 years now and I love being able to walk to things. Many stores have come and gone in a short time and I am not sure why that is. We had a bakery for about a year, an ice cream shop for about a year. How awesome would that be to have a bakery and an ice cream shop? There was also a farm market type of place that had fresh fruits and vegetables that didn’t last very long either. I’d love to have a place like that available. How about a CSA store or something? I’ve been reluctant to join a CSA because of the limited days/hours for pick up. Other places that would be great to see – used book store, knitting shop, a gym or Weight Watchers to work off the ice cream and the bakery! I’d love to see stores that offer things you need all the time – not just expensive furniture and antiques. There was also a coffee house that had music on weekends that was really cool. That was before I moved to Malvern and I came into town for that. Very excited to see how this whole thing shapes up!
Sjeffries June 28, 2012 at 07:46 PM
A Harley Dealer would be cool! I have to travel fairly far for service plus they usually have good retail store for harley clothes etc.
Regina DiLabbio Klugh King July 10, 2012 at 03:40 PM
We had a gym back in the '40s and '50s. It was the playground equipment at Malvern Public School (the Little Red Schoolhouse), complete with basketball hoops! Mrs. Magee had her knitting shop on King Street (now Gus Rubino's shop) into the 1970's. The Malvern Inn broke our town's Quaker founders' hearts by serving beer in the 19-teens -- I know, because my Grandpop walked from Cedar Hollow to imbibe there! We had fresh produce at the A&P and American stores and delicious fresh meats at Stackhouse's! We had all the used books that we wanted at the Malvern Library on Warren Avenue. Mary Wilson's Luncheonette (several locations on King) had fresh coffee and penny candy -- and Lou Thomas' (now Flying Pig) gave away free pretzel rods to kids on Tuesday afternoons at the little window on Bridge Street! Rocky Baranzano's "junk yard" offered gentyly-used recycled furniture and odds and ends at the corner of Church and King. Venditti's and/or Ditty and Cy's had hoagies and ice cream to die for -- and Roland Ewing's Newstand at the corner of King and Warren offered comic books and ice cream cones (although Rado's Pharmacy across the interseciton had a soda fountain like we see in old-time movies!). Supplee's/Quann's Hardware had everything imaginable from the 1900's onward -- and pre-mall days, every kid's dreams at Christmastime. Frank Nosek and Frankie DeFelice were shoemakers. Mrs. Gill had a bakery (now Occasions Boutique) -- Malvern had it all!!!
Marian January 14, 2013 at 09:33 PM
I remember the coffee shop with live music. It was wonderful! They also provided decent breakfast, lunch and light dinners. It was a delight to go on a weekend evening and listen to a singer/song writer perform and then be able to walk home. They also had rotating art work on the walls from local folks. I too would prefer to see shops that we can all use on a daily basis, like the produce store that was great until it changed hands and went down the tubes. My ideal would be to be able to walk/bike ride to most of what I need on a daily and weekly basis, with just smattering of high end stores that draw folks from outside of the borough. I think those of us who live in Malvern are very, very proud of it and welcome the opportunity to support local merchants. I guess, I am a bit surprised that some of the current stores have been able to survive in the current economy. They are out of my price range and my life style.


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