AP: Researchers Unable to Unearth Mass Irish Grave

The Associated Press checks in on Duffy's Cut.

What, exactly, is the shin bone connected to? In the case of Duffy's Cut, the full answer might never be known.

Researchers have been digging at the Malvern site for evidence of foul play in the deaths of an estimated 57 Irish railroad workers in 1832. The first human remain they uncovered was a shin bone in 2009.

Other bones have since turned up, but the prospect of finding all of the bones and uncovering the whole truth of how the men died is unlikely, according to a recent Associated Press article:

Nearly 180 years later, local researchers say they have a clearer picture of the men's fate. But their massive effort to unearth, identify and properly re-inter the workers' remains will not be realized; the grave is inaccessible, they say, and will remain undisturbed.

Still, enough evidence exists to prove that some laborers were victims of murder, not disease, according to historians Frank and Bill Watson.

Read the full article here.


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