Historical Photo Location Revealed: Mill Lane Station

The Mill Lane home in the photo was once a train station.

Users of the Chester Valley Trail should have been able to guess last week's historical photo challenge.

The photo depicts 7 Mill Lane in East Whiteland, also known as Mill Lane Station because it once served as a train station. The rail line is now the county trail.

Congratulations to Joe who wasted no time in being the first to chime in with a correct answer last week. He said he recognized it from walking his dog past it:

the old train station (now a house) on mill lane along the chester valley trail

Sam Barrow added a bit more context:

It is the house on Mill Lane along the Chester Valley Trail. It was the original homestead of the Marchionne Family.

The picture was provided by Rick Bates of the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum via the East Whiteland Historical Commission. The photograph was taken by the late Charles Elston in 1947.


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