Historical Photo Location Revealed: Samuel Lapp House

The building was constructed in 1851.

One of the great things about the historical photo challenge is that it brings so many new readers to Malvern Patch. Or, perhaps it merely causes otherwise silent readers to chime in.

Either way, hello to newcomer Edie Gerasimon, who was the third person to respond to last week's entry, but the first to get it right. She wrote:

Lapp Road in East Whiteland Township. Was Colonel Owens' house way back.

Longtime player Paula K seconded newcomer Edie's answer, saying:

Agree with Edie! The adjacent springhouse on the property was restored as a small guest house...adorable!

And Kristin, later endorsed by Joe Seber, zeroed in a bit more precisely on the location:

Lapp Road,past Dale lane before Wilburdale.

The home is located at 259 Lapp Road, and a small sign hangs from a lamppost in the yard, bearing the name of the place: Samuel Lapp House.

The East Whiteland Historical Commission supplied the photo, and member Tim Caban provided some more background:

Christian Lapp purchased the property in 1810: however tax records suggest that construction of the house was not until much later.  A datestone places the construction in 1851.  Samuel Lapp (Chiristian Lapp's son) is credited with its construction.  The Lapps were a prominent Amish family in East Whiteland Township.

There is also an unconfirmed rumor of a 1796 house on the site that burned and that the house constructed in 1851 was its replacement.  The springhouse appears to be older than 1851 and has now been converted into a guest house.

Thanks to the Historical Commission for the photo, and to everyone who guessed!


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