Historical Photo Location Revealed: Spring Mill School

All Great Valley High School students, employees and alumni should recognize Spring Mill Veterinary Hospital, wrote one commenter.

The building in last week's historical photo challenge is probably one of the most conspicuous in the series so far. The building, constructed in 1896 is located on Route 401/Conestoga Road near the Phoenixville Pike intersection and Great Valley Middle and High schools.

Patch blogger Regina Fried was the first to chime in with the correct answer:

Spring Mill Veterinary Hospital on Conestoga Road (Route 401).

East Whiteland Historical Society, who supplied the February 1981 photo, gives the background about the former name of the building, Spring Mill School:

This site has been an Educational Center since at least 1873.  The first school was demolished in 1894.  The second, and present building, was opened in 1896.  A Daily Local News article (1953) stated, "The new one [Spring Mill School], built in 1896, was abandoned and sold for a home."

The roadway caught Mike M's eye:

I agree. Wow look at 401. 2 lanes.

Robert Sprague, a 36-year GVHS teacher, answered correctly and seconded this comment from Celtic Rainbow:

I would expect that almost all Great Valley High School faculy, staff,students, & alumni would recognize this structure as the building/home that is near the 401 entrance to GVHS.

Paula K offered some background:

Before the animal hosp. it was the Samworth home. Mr. Samworth was the manager for the Yerger farm that covered the area of the High School. Spring Mill Farms and the old national liberty (now empty) building. I interviewed him for my H.S. local history class. He talked about living in the farmhouse across from the Mill during the snow of March '58 and taking in nearby families without power. Not sure but i think this building was a schoolhouse back in the one room school days, Can anyone confirm?

Frequent commenter MacTavish14 also had the correct answer, and Geoeray, thought it wasn't much of a challenge, saying concisely:

2 ez


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