Photo Location Revealed: Washington Baker House and Store

The store, located at present-day Sheraton Great Valley, once supplied dry goods, hardware and groceries to Glenloch.

Last week's historical photo wasn't the highest-quality depiction—it was a few facsimiles removed from the original photo taken in 1989. But its prominent location made the job of identifying it a bit easier.

Hats off to Steven G who was the first to chime in with the correct answer:

That's at the front of the Sheraton Hotel in Frazer. Across from Home Depot.

The building is the Washington Baker House and Store, originally built in 1874. It's located across the street from a previous photo challenge location, Loch Aerie, near the Home Depot.

East Whiteland Historical Commission member Tim Caban passed along some background of the site:

"The site of the Washington Baker House and Store was owned by Thomas Norris, a prominent coachmaker from 1824-1873 when he sold 'land and tenant houses' to Washington Baker.  Baker's 'large and stylish residence and store house' were finally finished the following spring.  On May 1, 1874, the new store was opened with 'an entire new stock of dry goods, hardware and groceries' to serve the then thriving community of Glenloch.  The store also served as the town's post office after 1885.  In 1925, the property passed from Baker's heirs to a succession of owners who sporadically operated it as a tavern; most recently, the Glen Lincoln.  In 1985, the building and surrounding property were incorporated into a large Sheraton Hotel complex.  This building was determined eligible for the National Register as the Norris Hotel in 1984."

Correct answers also came from Version, Sarah Acuna and Erik, who wrote:

Yep, now the Sheraton. I think it used to be called The Lincoln Tavern back in the 70s - it was a biker bar then, my dad used to call it "The Stinkin' Lincoln"!

Thanks to everyone who registered a guess.

Geoeray January 17, 2013 at 02:29 PM
At one time it was the "Glen Lincoln" then at another "Lincoln Tavern", belly dancers, no liquor license, bikers, locals, what a place.
Regina DiLabbio Klugh King January 18, 2013 at 02:09 PM
How well I know. My 1st ex used to frequent the establishment! I used to throw a curse on it every time I drove by! Glad that the Sheraton cleaned it up for the diamond in the rough (really, really rough) that it was!!! Hey Geoeray -- do you remember the Go-Go dancers at Pete & Jerry's down at the corner of the Lincoln Court center? :-)
Geoeray January 18, 2013 at 02:49 PM
Yep. They had a nice Conestoga Wagon out front. Family place. haha


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