Index: New Turnpike Ramp by the Numbers

Approximately 4.5 million pounds of structural steel went into the new interchange.

There's more to the new PA Turnpike interchange in East Whiteland than just I-76 and PA-29. Here are some interesting numbers about the interchange, which opened last month, supplied by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

$48,031.413.02—Construction cost.

$60 million—Combined cost of construction and design.

19.5—Months from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting (March 24, 2011, to Dec. 11, 2012)

320—Mile marker of new interchange.

25,000—Number of historical artifacts found during archeological study of Joseph Lewis site. (PDF

$1.02—Additional toll cost for motorists who would have gotten off at earlier exits in Downingtown and Valley Forge. (The amount was $1 before .)

2025—Here are projections for how many vehicles will use the new interchange daily in the year 2025: 

Exiting I-76         EB/920       WB/3,810

Entering I-76       WB/1,030   EB/3,780

Construction numbers

1,995,000—Pounds of reinforcing steel used in construction.

525,000—Cubic yards of excavation.

16,000—Cubic yards of concrete

4,500,000—Pounds of structural steel.

72,000—Linear feet of steel piles.

270,000—Square yards of bituminous pavement.

Andrea Lynch January 07, 2013 at 04:57 PM
Loving it so far!
Regina Fried January 08, 2013 at 02:25 AM
Pete, do you know how many cars they estimate will be using the interchange in a year? Almost 5,000 cars a day sounds like a lot (but that's in 2025).
Pete Kennedy (Editor) January 08, 2013 at 02:57 AM
Regina, the 2025 estimate was the response I received to the question: "How many vehicles are expected to use the interchange each day?" So I don't know if there is a more immediate projection.
Anon Ymous January 08, 2013 at 02:38 PM
You forgot one statistic. Length of time you have to wait at the light at the end of the ramp: Forever, AND it's not on a timer on weekends. Other than that, I'm loving the new ramp.
A mom January 10, 2013 at 01:46 PM
You also didn't give statistics on - people's houses which were taken through eminent domain - business' which were also closed. - the dB level increase for people living around the ramp


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