PA Turnpike Operating Under Weather Emergency

Do not pass turnpike plow trucks or service vehicles, warns the turnpike commission.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission advised motorists Friday afternoon that the turnpike is under a Weather Emergency from the Ohio connection to the new Route 29 interchange in East Whiteland:  

All travelers are urged to reduce their speeds and keep alert for changing travel conditions and Emergency crews working on the roadway. Do not attempt to pass turnpike trucks plowing or servicing the highway.
Motorists operating trucks, campers and vehicles pulling trailers, your vehicles may become unstable during high wind conditions. Reduce your speed when you encounter high winds. All abandoned vehicles are being removed from the shoulder to allow crews to clear the roadway.

The weather emergency advisory started in the western portion of the state and has spread east. Watch the travel advisories in the top-right portion of the turnpike commission website for additional developments.


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