'Moonwalking' Bird and Other Amorous Avian Activities

Willistown Conservation Trust looks at what human men can learn from birds on Valentine's Day.

In honor of Valentine's Day, Willistown Conservation Trust's bird blog examined What Men Can Learn from Avian Romance.

Blake Goll, WCT's Nature Education Coordinator and an experienced birder, authored the post, which includes six lessons that human men can take from their winged counterparts.

The first lesson pairs a picture of Elvis Presley with one of theĀ Male Hooded Merganser:

Lesson # 1: A voluminous hairdo is sure to elicit female swooning.

The second lesson is what inspired the headline of this post and the Youtube video above:

Lesson # 2, guys: Put effort into impressing your woman every day!

In other words, take after theĀ Red-capped Manakin, which does a Michael Jackson impersonation in its efforts to woo a mate. (Skip to 2:41 in the video to see the dance.)

Read all six lessons in the full post at the Willistown Conservation Trust Bird Blog.


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