Memory Card Full of Photos of Deceased Son Returned to Pa. Mother

The York mother's son died of SIDS, and then a thief took her cell phone, which contained numerous photos of her son.

Patricia Harris had already suffered through the worst pain a mother can know when her infant son Cole died of SIDS in February.

But insult was added to injury Friday when Harris' purse was stolen, and with it her cell phone -- which held almost all of the photos she had of her little boy, the York Daily Record said.

Harris, of York, reached out to her community, hanging fliers around the neighborhood and posting about the missing memory card on Facebook.

"I feel like I lost him all over again," Harris told the York Daily Record. "So many memories were on my phone. I just want it back."

People rallied around the Harris family, with some even offering to buy the thief a new phone if only Harris' could be returned to her, the Daily Record said.

The thief seemingly had a conscience: The memory card from Harris' phone was anonymously returned to her on Monday, the Daily Record said.

"I've got my memories back," Harris told the Daily Record. "That's all I wanted."

Read full York Daily Record coverage here and here.

DNLS June 03, 2014 at 07:33 AM
So happy to hear she got her priceless photos back. A lesson learned...always back up everything that is important to you. Carbonite works great for us! (This is not an ad, I am an extremely satisfied customer who was able to restore all of our photos after our computer crashed because we had them backed up!)
susan e stein June 03, 2014 at 09:54 AM
There is some good in this world. Shame it was taken to begin with. The phone should also have been returned, but she got the most important thing back. There are ways if backing up data, of course. She may use one or more now. Hard copies, online free services, memiry sticks all work well. And niw there's Cloud. All's well niw. Si glad. But so sorry for the loss.
Sandra Lucree Gambon June 03, 2014 at 12:57 PM
Thankfully the Holy Spirit entered the heart of the thief. I pray God will hold you close during your mourning period.


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