Holiday Week: What to Do with the Kids?

The house will be filled with family or maybe you'll be stuck in a hotel. How do you keep your kids entertained?

Thanksgiving is days away.

You may be preparing to host family in your home and cook up the holiday feast or you may be planning on packing up the family and moving out to a hotel or a relative’s for the big day. Whatever you’re doing, you’re taking your kids and they’re going to likely need some form of entertainment.

We’re preparing to head north to New York state to visit my in-laws and we’ve already begun the hunt for potential attractions to keep my 19-month-old son entertained, since the hotel room and a house filled with grown ups will only offer limited interest.

Obviously for us, going to see a movie is out, since my son’s attention span isn’t yet that long, but this is a big weekend for movies. Are you planning on heading out to the theater next week?

What plans do you have to keep your children and/or your relatives children entertained over the holiday? Are you planning on visiting some of the many local museums? Do you have any you would recommend to your neighbors? Are you planning on going to a movie? Or do you have great plans for entertaining the kids inside the house? Add your advice in the comments area below.


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