Memorial Grounds Haunted? Maybe Today, Definitely in 2009

Two tales of creepiness at the historic site.

Since Halloween is upon us, here are two quick tales of creepiness in Malvern Borough. But make no mistake: These aren't lighthearted, fun, spooky stories. Some readers might find one or both unsettling. 

Ghosthunting at the Battlefield—Reader Chris W emailed the following on Oct. 6: 

Paoli Battlefield is haunted. I've been ghost hunting for 15 years now and some of the best paranormal activity I have ever received was captured at Paolie Battlefield. I have uploaded two pictures of one of my recent trips to the location. Those two pictures are just a small sample of all the evidence we captured. The first image of primarily black is the original image taken and in it you will see the moment and next to it what looks like maybe butterflys. The next image is gray scaled version of the same picture and you can clearly see the outline of person with no legs.

One of the photos Chris uploaded to the Neighborhood Gallery is attached to this article, with an explanatory caption. Click over to the gallery to view the other photo (number 59) and a video from the same night. 

'Agent Tom' haunts Halloween 2009—Three years ago, a convicted sex offender was lurking in Memorial Park, presenting himself as a law enforcement officer. According to the police report, multiple witnesses called in about a suspicious person:

[A resident] called CCPR to report that there was a suspicious male in a blue sedan in Memorial Park. The male subject had chased several children into the woods. The description fit that of Frederick Walker.

Frederick Thomas Walker, 44 years old at the time, later told police that he'd been representing himself as "Agent Tom" to the teenagers with a fake badge. He'd been able to round up eight of the children and bring them back toward his car. Fortunately, he was confronted by another resident, and police arrived shortly thereafter.

For the full story, read the comprehensive reporting by the Daily Local News, which notes that while on bail pending psychiatric evaluation, Walkerforged a document so that he could join a local Boy Scouts group. According to a May 2011 article, "All totaled, he will be under court supervision on parole or probation for the next 10 years."


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