Report: Trucker's $7K Fine Knocked Down to $1K

Roy Griffin said a GPS lead him to drive his 17.5-ton truck down an East Whiteland Road with a 5-ton limit, according to Land Line magazine.

A Michigan-based trucker incurred a $7,100 fine in January after being stopped by East Whiteland Police for a weight limit violation, according to Land Line, a trucking industry trade magazine.

Roy Griffin, 54, of Genesse, Mich., was reportedly following GPS instructions to a Pepperidge Farm cold-storage facility:

In mid-January, Griffin was heading to pick up frozen food near East Whiteland Township, PA, heading north on U.S. Highway 202. When he neared his exit, his GPS with truck routing maps told him to exit and turn left on Sidley Road.

Within a mile-and-a-half of his pickup, Griffin said he realized the road had a 5-ton limit.

Then he saw flashing lights in his mirrors as he neared the intersection of Sidley Road and Moores Road – each road weight restricted.

Griffin was able to get the fine knocked down to $1,050, which he'll pay in installments. According to the article, his rig weighed in at 35,000 pounds when police checked it at a nearby weigh station.

Read the full story—including the "lone bright spot" for Griffin—at Land Lines.

M. Johnson November 15, 2012 at 04:15 PM
yep one of my drivers, was just pulled over...same thing GPS routed him that way, along with our customer giving him the same directions only $7100 is small let my driver know it would be a $12000 fine, but.....if he plead guilty he would knock the fine down to $1200. At that point my driver asked what route he should have taken in to get to the residence for his delivery, the officer showed him the route of a very small, winding road that not even a pick up let alone a tractor trailer should even travel, and to top it off has a ONE LANE BRIDGE ON! I honestly believe, the officals of this township know GPS will route drivers this direction and have set this up as a trap WHAT A SCAM!!!!!
Julie December 01, 2012 at 02:11 AM
My driver got fine $11000 today. It is same place, Malversation.PA. Police officer said call him after get Hearing Notice. He will ask reduce the amount over the phone. We are Canadian. I don't know how it works. We should get attorney to help out or driver deal on the phone? This fine ticket effect to DOT record or my driver abs? Somebody help me out.


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