Woman Charged with Stealing Trash Men's Tips

A Main Line woman is accused of being a Grinch who stole holiday tips left for trash collectors in Tredyffrin and Radnor.

A Main Line woman is accused of being a grinch who stole holiday tips left for trash collectors in Tredyffrin and Radnor.

Tredyffrin Police say they were called by a resident on Grouse Lane in Wayne at 11 a.m. on Christmas Eve who reported that a woman was taking tips left with trash cans for trash collectors that morning.

Police say the responding officers were able to find the car, described a blue Nissan with a handicapped parking permit hanging from the rearview mirror, on Croton Road. Police say they clocked the car going 36 miles per hour in a 25 mile hour zone and pulled the driver over.

While one officer started processing the driver's license for the speeding stop, two others began interviewing her about the reported tip thefts. According to charging documents filed with the Devon District Court, Kristen Bazik-Hempcher of Rosemont "was deceptive in her answers at first but soon began to cooperate." According to an Affidavit of Probable Cause "Bazik at first admitted (to the officers) to taking a tin of cookies that were left in the curb area of a residence trash can but denied taking anything else. She freely allowed a search of her vehicle to include the trunk area."

Police say they found a "Christmas-style" gift bag that contained several opened envelopes addressed to the "Trash Guys" and the "Sanitation Department."  According to court documents police say Bazik admitted to taking "about three of them" and she also turned over $30 she told police were in those envelopes.

Police say they found several more envelope with similar addresses in the trunk of the car.

During the traffic stop and search of the car, Tredyffrin Police say they were told about similar crimes that had been reported in Radnor.  Radnor police joined the search of the car which had been stopped near Old Eagle School and Deepdale Roads in Devon.

During the search Tredyffrin Police say they and the Radnor officer found another $240 in the woman's purse which was "believed to have been taken from the envelopes."

Police say Bazik followed police to the Tredyffrin Police station where she "provided a written statement confessing to the crimes."

Bazik faces misdemeanor theft and receiving stolen property charges when she comes before a judge later this month.

CBSPhilly.Com reports that when CBS3 Eyewitness News Reporter Todd Quinones contacted Bazik at her Rosemont home Thursday she had no comment on the story. According to the report, her husband told Quinones that when people leave their trash on the curb people have a right to go through it.

Mary January 04, 2013 at 04:49 PM
some people are pathetic and steal from hard working people. maybe she should be drug tested and so should the husband for his nasty comment. happy she got caught, sorry that the hard workers ended up loosing out on money that could have helped them, and probably would have cheered up their days to know that people really do appreciate the work that they do. i always hand deliver any gifts or tips to our sanitary workers 1: to make sure they get it and 2: so i can personally say thank you for them doing a job that im happy i dont have to do it. I know it can be hard for people to beable to do that due to schedules, its just something i try to do. THAT WOMAN SHOULD BE ASSHAMED OF HERSELF!!
CC January 04, 2013 at 08:43 PM
She and her husband are pathetic and need to get some serious help ASAP
Al Wilsonholm January 07, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Taping money to a trash can. Why not hand it to the worker yourself?
marion1 January 07, 2013 at 05:49 PM
Our trash company discourages tips on cans for this very reason. They recommend you send the tips in gift card form (wawa cards are great) to the office. If you know their names, you can put them in separate envelopes or the trash co. will make sure the tip gets to your crew. She told me they have envelopes for all the workers at the office and they are very careful to be sure your tips get to your crew. We have private trash service in our area, not sure if municipal service would work the same way.
Larry Mazis January 08, 2013 at 01:13 AM
You can't if you have a job. They don't pick up the trash here until the middle of the day.


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