East Whiteland Approves $10.4M Preliminary Budget

The 2013 preliminary budget moves $1 million into a special fund for future retirement benefits.

At its Nov. 14 meeting, the East Whiteland Board of Supervisors approved a preliminary budget for 2013 totaling $10,470,905.

Board chairperson Virginia McMichael said there was no plan to increase real estate taxes in the new budget. She cited the arrival of large corporations like Shire and Endo Pharmaceuticals as reasons for the municipality's fiscal strength.

"The net effect of that is substantial revenue coming into the township in terms of real estate transfer taxes, real estate taxes, earned income tax going forward," McMichael said. "This is very good news for our residents."

The budget takes $1 million out of the general fund and places it in a trust fund to pay future post-retirement medical benefits.

"Since we are in a strong fiscal position right now, what we are proposing is to set aside a separate fund to which we would contribute, and then we know that we will have money from which we can pay those retirement benefits moving forward," McMichael said.

The preliminary budget passed 2-0, with supervisor John Mott absent.

Jason November 23, 2012 at 02:01 PM
This is a great example of how encouragement of development can have a positive consequence on the community. I applaud the efforts of the supervisors for working with developers and corporations to bring these opportunities to East Whiteland. I believe if you look around at our surrounding communities East Whiteland appears to be the one that is growing and thriving all due to the cooperative nature of administration. They are leading by example.
John C Martin Jr May 31, 2013 at 09:20 PM
EWT's fiscal strength is due not only to Corporate relocations into EWT (Shire did cancel) but to Act 32 enacted by State Representative Duane Milne and fellow legislators that radically transformed an antiquated Earned Income Tax (EIT) collection system into an efficient modern taxpayer friendly system. In 2007 the Pennsylvania Economy League estimated that $ 237 million of EIT revenue went uncollected. 2012 was the first full year of implementation and EWT collected $ 4.395 million, a substantial improvement over previous years. Other townships are experiencing additional revenue. We owe thanks to Duane Milne and his fellow legislators for closing loopholes and generating millions of additional tax revenue WITHOUT ANY TAX INCREASE.


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