East Whiteland Asphalt Roller Sells for $1,265

But what about the 1978 Eager Beaver Roller? See the winning bids for auctioned township vehicles.

Back in October, East Whiteland put several of its vehicles up for auction on the website Municibid.

Perhaps not surprisingly, an F-550 dump truck brought in the biggest haul, fetching $6,700.

Here's what each of the vehicles sold for:

Vehicle Selling price 1999 Ford F-450 Service Truck $5,100.00 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Car $875.00 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Car $2,650.00 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car $2,310.00 1999 F-550 Ford Dump Truck $16,801.00 1997 Ford F-250 Pickup Truck $6,700.00 1996 Custom Mower Trailer $900.00 1999 Ford Expedition XLT $875.00 2004 Ford Crown Vic Police Car $2,951.01 2006 Ford Crown Vic Police Car $2,302.01 1978 Eager Beaver Roller $1,265.00 1996 Stone Vibratory Asphalt Roller $3,900.00 Stone Plate Tamper $342.59


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