GV School Board Keeps Act 1 Exceptions on Table

The decision means the board will need to adopt a preliminary budget by Feb. 19.

The Great Valley School Board voted Tuesday night to retain the option of raising taxes above the 1.7 percent index set by the state.

The decision came down to approving one of two resolutions. The board voted in favor of a resolution (PDF) allowing the board to apply for exceptions to exceed the index.

In addition to laying out calendar requirements for advertising and adopting a preliminary budget, the referendum says the following (emphasis added):

The Act 1 index applicable to the School District as calculated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education is 1.7%.  The Preliminary Budget Proposal assumes that the School District will receive approval for use of one or more Act 1 real estate tax referendum exceptions.

The School District shall take all steps required to obtain approval for the referendum exceptions contemplated in the Preliminary Budget Proposal, including advertising once in a newspaper of general circulation and placing on the School District internet website Act 1 Referendum Exception Notice in substantially the form as presented to the School Board.

The vote was 6-2, with board members Mary Ravenfeld and Ted Leisenring dissenting and Phil Foret absent, according to district communications director Jennifer Blake. 

A competing resolution (PDF) to opt out of the exceptions was not approved. 

The vote means that the board must to adopt a preliminary budget by its Feb. 19 meeting.

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