Why Did the Fire Chief Run Out of the EW Supervisors Meeting?

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As he was waiting for his turn to present the East Whiteland Fire Company monthly report to the township's Board of Supervisors, Fire Chief Ken Hurley cupped his ear to his radio, which was set at low volume. Then he popped up and out of the room. Moments later, emergency lights on the road could be seen from the township meeting room windows.

When he returned about 30 minutes later, he started his report with, "Don't drink and drive."

Pressed by the meeting attendants, he gave the full story—there had been an accident at the nearby intersection of Routes 202 and 401.

"A very nice, high-dollar Lexus, DUI. He moved the jersey barrier about a foot-and-a-half, then moved it again about a foot. He hit it four times," Hurley said.

The allegedly drunk Lexus driver also hit a Volkswagen Beetle, then fled on foot up the embankment and into the woods. When he was found, he kept repeating, "Not my car, not my car," according to Hurley.

"Was anybody hurt?" asked supervisor Virginia McMichael.

"Yes, both of them," Hurley said, referring to the drivers of the two cars, then he delivered the monthly report.

Jim Knowles November 19, 2012 at 11:50 PM
I don't know. Why did Did the Fire Chief Run Out of the EW Supervisors Meeting? Oh wait, this isn't a joke?
Jim McVeigh December 17, 2012 at 11:33 PM
Unfortunetly, their will be a rise in this type of incident in the upcoming weeks. We have made reports of suspected drunk drivers on Village Way, Warren Ave, Old Lancaster Ave. in the past years that were totally ignored. We would like to see sobriety check points on these roads but it is doubtful that wish will not come to fruition due to Twp Administration favoritism of certain drinking and dining establishments. Maybe if the Chester County D.A.' s office overrode the local Administration and secured these stops without leaking information to the Administration we could lower the D.U. I. accidents and deaths in the local Townships. It is believed by many citizens that the local Police Officers WANT TO enforce these laws more stringently but are held back by the higher ups in the Administration. The same can be said about local Twp Officials who take it upon themselves to just issue building permits before the sale of properties are even legally sold. No Willd Life studies, traffic studies, storm water studies or feed back from the residents about Zoning changes. As stated by one local Twp Supervisor : quote : "WE ( board of supervisors ) ASSUMED THAT IS WAS THE TYPE OF BUSINESS THE RESIDENTS WANTED". We all know the saying about "ASSUMING" , however it continues with out any intervention from the County, the DEP or Wildlife conservation. One of many dissatisfied residents of Chester County, Jim McVeigh


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