'Disaster Emergency' Declared by Willistown, East Whiteland, Malvern Borough

Approximately 35 municipalities in Chester County made similar declarations.

Update: 2:50 p.m.: The declaration allows the municipalities to employ temporary workers, rent equipment and do whatever is necessary to expeditiously react to the effects of the storm. It also means the municipalities would be eligible for reimbursement of related expenses if such funding becomes available from the state.

Below is a salient section of Malvern Borough's declaration. It is preceded by numerous "whereas" statements establishing the seriousness of the weather:

STILL FURTHER, we authorize officials of MALVERN BOROUGH to act as necessary to meet the current exigencies of this emergency, namely: by the employment of temporary workers, by the rental of equipment, by the purchase of supplies and materials, and by entering into such contracts and agreements for the performance of public work as may be required to meet the emergency, all without regard to those time-consuming procedures and formalities normally prescribed by law, mandatory constitutional requirements excepted.

Update 2:35 p.m.: Officials in East Whiteland Township and Malvern Borough confirm that those municipalities are also in a Disaster Emergency state. 

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Editor's note: The following comes from Willistown Police Department. Keep up with the department on Facebook and Twitter.

The Willistown Board of Supervisors and the responsible authorities in approximately 35 other Chester County municipalities have declared a Disaster Emergency.

The declaration is necessary due to the seriousness of Hurricane Sandy and the imminent threat that it poses to persons and property in Willistown Township.

The Willistown Emergency Management Coordinator and the Emergency Operations Center will coordinate all emergency response activities and take all appropriate actions needed to alleviate the effects of this disaster and aid in the restoration of essential public services.  These emergency management measures are required to reduce the severity of this disaster and to protect the health, safety and welfare of the affected residents in Willistown Township.

Jim Knowles October 29, 2012 at 08:53 PM
'Disaster Emergency' sounds like a bad TV show from the 70s.
Pete Kennedy October 29, 2012 at 09:57 PM
"Ooh, Police Cops! That sounds like a lethal combination." —Homer Simpson


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