Drug-Test Policy in Effect at Malvern Prep, Report Says [UPDATED]

A company that will soon handle testing at Saint Joseph's Preparatory School in Philadelphia already does testing at the Malvern school.

Update 2/20/13 5pm: The Inquirer article's claim that Malvern Prep has a universal drug-testing program is incorrect, according to Malvern Prep's Director of Strategic Marketing, Monique Kelly.

As noted below, the school has an opt-in program for students in the high school, in which parents decide whether their children should be tested for drug use. About one-third of the students' parents have opted into the program, Kelly said.

The Inquirer has updated the online version of its article, without noting the change.

Original story continues below.

An article published Friday on philly.com states Malvern Prep has a universal drug-testing policy.

The article, Saint Joe's Prep to begin hair-sample drug testing on students, mentions Massachusetts-based Psychemedics as the firm handling the drug testing at both preparatory schools: 

While Saint Joe's program will be random testing, Elder predicted that by as early as next year, the school would opt for what many other private schools already implement: mandatory, or universal, drug testing.
Psychemedics also adminsters a universal testing program at Malvern Preparatory School in Chester County.

Multiple documents on the Malvern Prep website state the policy was designed as an opt-in program, as of the 2011-12 school year:

Beginning in the 2011-2012 school year, Malvern will offer drug testing as a service to parents who choose to avail themselves of it for their son.  Parents must contact the school nurse (cmcgettigan@malvernprep.org) in writing, preferably before January 20, to enroll their son in this program.

Read the full article at Philly.com.


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