Superintendent Details How Snow Days Will Impact School Calendar

As of Wednesday, the final day of school will be Tuesday, June 17.

The following letter was sent to Great Valley families this week:

Dear Parents,

As you know, we have already endured a very unusual winter (and it is only February!). To date, our schools have been closed seven times due to the weather. And while students may enjoy the “snow days,” they do make an impact on our school calendar.

By law, we are required to have students in school for 180 days each academic year. The calendar approved by the School Board for this year shows school ending on Wednesday, June 11, with any snow days made up at the end of the year. In past years and during milder winters, the addition of these days at the end of the year was only an inconvenience. This year’s seven days (with the possibility of additional days) makes a greater impact. Therefore, we and many other districts have made some changes to the 2013-2014 school calendar.

Changes to the 2013-2014 school calendar are as follows:

  • Tuesday, February 18, is now a full student day. This day was previously reserved as a professional development day for staff only.

  •  Friday, March 28, is now a half-day for students. This day was previously a full day of parent-teacher conferences. The conference time on March 27 will now extend into the evening to accommodate family conferences. 

  • Tuesday, May 20, is now a full student day.  This is election day, and while schools were originally closed for that reason, we will now be in session. Your building principal and I will be working together with your PTO and our administrative team to implement a greater adult/supervision presence in the schools where elections take place.

  •  Instead of school extending into the week of June 23, these changes allow us to finish school on Tuesday, June 17.

  •  The date of graduation is not scheduled to change. Graduation will remain on Friday, June 6.
Please note that if there are additional snow or emergency closings this year, the last student day will extend further into the week of June 16. But, as always, we will communicate with you as information becomes available.

Please know that the decision to close schools is never made easily. We carefully weigh a variety of factors and student safety is always our first priority. I genuinely appreciate your understanding and flexibility. I also hope that the remainder of the winter is kinder to our community.

Alan J. Lonoconus
Superintendent of Schools 


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