'Where Do I Vote?'

Find your district and preview the ballot you'll receive on election day, Nov. 8.

There are 16 precincts within the Malvern Patch coverage area (full list below).

The maps attached to this article come from the county elections website. Select your map—East Whiteland, Malvern or Willistown—and zoom in to find:

  • your voting precinct
  • your polling place

You can also search by your street address at the state elections website. Once you know your precinct, you can tell your school board region:

Region 1:  Charlestown, E. Whiteland 1, 2, 3, 4
Region 2: 
E. Whiteland 5 & 6, Malvern, Willistown N1, N4
Region 3: 
All Willistown except N1, N4

Preview your ballot by clicking a link below.

Sample Ballots by Precinct

735 East Whiteland 1  752 East Whiteland 5 775 Willistown N-2 795 Willistown N-6 740 East Whiteland 2
754 East Whiteland 6 780 Willistown N-3 800 Willistown S-1 745 East Whiteland 3 350 Malvern 785 Willistown N-4 805 Willistown S-2 750 East Whiteland 4  770 Willistown N-1 790 Willistown N-5 806 Willistown S-3

For more information on the candidates, visit:

  • Patch election — a rundown of who's on the ballot.
  • Candidates List at Great Valley Concerned Parents Facebook page — including personal statements from most GVSD school board candidates.
  • League of Women Voters 2011 guide — Information on candidates' platforms, and educational and professional backgrounds.


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