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Linda Bender is a modern renaissance woman and is one of the east coast's leading metaphysical doctors.  She desires to empower others to live healthy lifestyles using one-on-one consulting and group wellness programs for businesses and other groups. In the individualized consulting she uses a combination of over twenty life coaching and touch therapy techniques to help you reduce stress and pain so your body invokes its natural healing ability. Linda is an earth steward interested in environmental wellness and is a trained metaphysical doctor with her PhD in Holistic Life Coaching. Her disertation looked at holistically managing Diabetes II.  Linda is trained as a medical intuitive, Reiki Master, certified spiritual healer, a certified sports nutritionist and a certified master personal finess trainer and a massage therapist. While an interfaith minister her personal belief is as non charismatic a born again Christain and holds a Bible degree.  What differentiates her spiritual healing work is that she only works with God, not other entities and she has a very scientific mind working in the corporate America for two decades. Other healers seek her out and she often corrects mistakes by other energy workers. Linda is a teacher and student at heart. She writes, lectures and is in the process of writing her first book on the spiritual aspects of a perfect weight called Diet Benders.   It uses the concept that if we life as designed, our bodies will naturally be at its perfect weight. Linda's office is at Bender Healing on Church Street in Phoenixville. She also does phone consults. See www.BenderHealing.com or call 800-706-1354 for an appointment. 
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